One Child Inc is an Evangelical Christian nonprofit organization. Our mission is to help at-risk children and families in Ukraine. Our focus begins with the orphanages. From there we work outward to the families in need within the communities.

In 2015 we started our effort to get winter coats to orphanages in Ukraine. All we wanted was to help one child with a winter coat. Then we discovered the entire orphanage needed winter coats. Then another orphanage, and another. In 2016 we started sending shoes and other supplies.

After sending over 6,000 winter coats and 1,000 pairs of shoes to 14 orphanages, we decided to start One Child Inc.

Why Ukraine when there are so many countries in need?

To most people, Ukraine is simply known as a country halfway around the world where there’s fighting that, thank God, is not here. But for me, it’s my second home. My wife and I were married there. Our friends are there. Our family is there.  Most recently, our two children are adopted from there.

We know the people. We’ve walked the streets. It’s not just another poor country in the news, it’s home.