The orphanages graduate the children at 16 years of age expecting them to either go to trade school or get a job and be productive in society. Trade school or College is out of the question for nearly all. Over 80% of the children are afraid to leave the orphanage. 20% will commit suicide by age 18. Over 70% of the boys will go on to live a life of crime and over 70% of the girls will get lured into prostitution or sex trafficking with promises of a better life that never comes.  Drug and alcohol addiction is rampant with many children living on the streets.

One Child Inc has partnered with a group in Ukraine that coordinates mentors to help the children get into colleges and vocational schools as well as teach them how to make good life decisions.

We also have a growing network of professionals and businesses in Ukraine that are willing help train and even hire aged-out orphans. We’re working with restaurants, mechanics, food processing and textiles businesses to help us train and guide aged out orphans.