Frequently Asked Questions!

How do you ensure the children get what you send?
-We have volunteers in Ukraine that actually distribute the coats and fit each child. We also verify orphanages through our volunteers.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to send money and buy locally in Ukraine?
– In emergencies we do. But the price of new clothes in Ukraine is the same as the US. Then we would have to pay extra to deliver to the orphanages. We would also miss an opportunity to interact with the children and show them we care. We would also miss and opportunity for giving. Many people would like to donate products rather than give money.

Why Ukraine when there are so many other places?
– Yes, there are indeed so many other places with needs including the city we live. We help out locally as well. But Ukraine is our home and there aren’t enough organizations helping the at-risk children and women in Ukraine.

Do you send more than coats and shoes?
– Yes! The orphanages have many needs and we’ll help out with other supplies on a case by case basis. Primarily we send winter coats, shoes and our own 3 in 1 bar soap.

What’s so special about the Lowe’s Box?
– We use the Lowe’s heavy duty 24x18x18 box because it opens horizontally and is double wall. It’s also the largest box we can send to Ukraine that is easily handled by the couriers.   The Lowe’s graphics make it easy to track and following while shipping.