2017 was our most effective year yet for our effort in Ukraine. Our highlighted totals: 8,523 Winter coats, 3,125 pairs of shoes, a lot of U3N1 bar soap, 1200 hats and 71 crocheted hats shipped to baby houses, orphanages and foster homes in Ukraine.

We met the complete wardrobe needs of 4 young girls rescued from s*x trafficking. The girls are usually found with nothing.

We helped 3 families with needed coats, shoes and hats plus a few supplies.

This year we became an official nonprofit.

It’s very humbling when your family and friends stand next to you to support a cause. Even more humbling when you make new friends as the result of a cause.

There are a lot of great organizations making a difference in the World. We hope you will consider helping us.

God Be With You in 2018,